Thursday, January 29, 2015

Creative Ways To Photograph Wedding Rings.

Photographing the wedding rings doesn't have to be boring and traditional.  Step outside the box and be creative and have fun.  Try to incorporate personal items from their wedding, things like a single stem rose, the brides shoes, a bible & their invitation.  You need to talk to the couple weeks in advance and make sure that the rings are together and available when you show up for the "getting ready" photos.  You will need a game plan because you are racing against time.  Typically you get about 1-2 hours with the bride for the getting ready shots.  So allow at least 15 minutes for the rings. You should already know which ring shots you are going to use.  I suggest 4-5 different shot selections.  Be very careful with those rings, they are very valuable and delicate.

To create this effect, I used my iPhone torch to cast a shadow to make a heart shape.